The Legal Drafting Department is charged with the responsibilities for:

i) Drafting and vetting of Executive Bills for Presentation, by the Governor of Jigawa State to the State House of Assembly;

ii) Drafting and vetting of Contract documents.

iii) Drafting of Statutory Instruments including Regulations, Orders and Government notices;

iv) Processing and ensuring the publication of Statutory Instruments in the Government Gazette;

v) Drafting and processing of the publication of the Instruments of Appointment of Public Officers.

vi) Liaison with the Legislative Department of the House of Assembly on matters’ relating to the Executive Bills before the House of Assembly;

vii) Rendering advice on legislative matter interpretation of statutes.

viii) And on any other matters assigned to the Department by the Hon. Attorney General and the Solicitor-General.

ix) Liaise with the accounts department to ensure payment of Contract vetting fees.

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