The Functions of the Planning, Research & Statistics Department are:

i) Development Planning (Rolling, Medium, Perspective, etc.);

ii) Monitoring and Evaluation of Plan Implementation;

iii) Conduct research into key and priority issues of administration of justice;

iv) Management and use of Data Bank for data capturing/processing, analysis, banking and retrieval/dissemination of data;

v) Setting and monitoring of performance and effective targets for the various subdivisions and staff of the Ministry;

vi) Constant collection and processing of data and statistics relating to the Ministry;

vii) Monitoring and Processing of reports on the activities of Legal Advisers in MDAs and Ministry’s Parastatals;

viii) Liaison with the Ministry’s Parastatals, Institutions in the Justice Sector;

ix) Responsible for Preparation of Key Performance Scorecard in line with template provided by Government.

x) Management and maintenance of ICT infrastructure, develop in-house capacity to operate and manage the vast resources of the Ministry, Content Management and maintenance of the Ministry’s Website, Supervision of ICT Projects Implementation in the Ministry, Installation of Anti-Virus on Office Computer System,

xi) Management and Provision of Library Services in the Ministry for Staff and non-staff, compilation of legal books and publications for acquisition provision of newspapers, journals and periodicals for the Ministry etc.;

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